Great Bluebonnet Portrait Tips

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Bluebonnet picture taken with my cell phone camera using Camera+ app and edited in Instagram.

 Springtime in Houston, Texas is here and that means our favorite state flower will be blooming soon. With a little planning and know-how you can take good pictures even using your cell phone! Of course, if you’d like to leave things up to the pros and get heirloom quality portraits of your family in the wildflowers, I am available too 🙂  Clover Street’s bluebonnet event will begin at the peek of the blooms, beginning Friday, March 21st. Bluebonnet Portrait Sessions are $225 and include a 30 minute session and 2 perfectly retouched digital portraits. Contact me for more details and to book one for your family. Click here if you want to see more of my portrait work as a professional bluebonnet photographer.

For you DIYers below are my tried-and-true tips for great bluebonnet portraits:

  1. Scout out a location before you get everyone dressed up and in the car. Save some gas and frustration by checking recent bluebonnet sightings at
  2. Go out armed with bug spray, tissue, and allergy meds. Mosquito bites, red eyes, sneezing and runny noses aren’t flattering on anyone.
  3. Little (and some big kids) often aren’t keen on sitting directly on the ground so bring a small towel or blanket for them to sit on. It’s helpful if that blanket either matches their clothing or is a dark green color to blend in with the ground. For particularly squeamish ones I recommend wearing long pants and shoes. Sunhats are also a cute prop and solution to combat wind blown hair.
  4. Reuse a spot that a previous person had sat. There is no need to crush more bluebonnets than necessary! Place the subject in a previously squashed section of bluebonnets and shoot low to the ground. The squashed spot will be covered by surrounding plants and the site can be kept pretty for other future photo-ops.
  5. Don’t expect little kids to hold still and smile at the camera. Usually the experience is too exciting and distracting to get their attention. Luckily, bluebonnets are a great setting for candid portraits. Instead of hollering at them to hold-still-and-smile, ask them to smell the flowers or to look for fairies in the leaves. They will have much more fun happily playing while you capture it all. Have another adult along to help herd them away from busy streets and ant hills while you take pictures.

I found several more wonderful suggestions already written in this article by Leslie Wagner, 10 tips for Taking Great Bluebonnet Portraits. Check it out, educate, and impress me and your other photog friends with your bluebonnet pictures! I would love to see the results, email me!

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